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This project is a video installation based on an investigative interest in the meditation techniques of Zen Buddhism. in which it is intended to expand the states of consciousness of the human being in search of a high spiritual level. This through very simple forms such as breathing, tranquility and simplicity at all times. The idea of ​​the project is focused on a technique of meditation in specific, which consists of lighting a candle and trying to fix your focus or your attention on the tip of it, The tip is constantly mobile and black, so it is invisible, as if it did not exist, but at the same time it is the most concentrated point of the fire energy. It is here that we can see a thought of Zen Buddhist philosophy, to the extent that you can find the all in nothing, the most powerful point of candle energy is invisible and forces us to enter into higher states of consciousness to power Perceive it. With this video installation I intend to represent a kind of astral travel or elevated state of perception in search of an expansion of consciousness. In addition, through elements of video such as feedback and video in real time can create a multiplicity of times and spaces within the room, in which the viewer is a fundamental part of the work due to the interaction that You can do with it.

Universidad de Granada. Granada-Spain / 2010


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