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Deconstruction machine

The deconstruction machine is an interactive, site-specific, panoramic video installation that questions the idea of the symbol as an image that contains one pure and essential meaning within.


Instead, it proposes the reading and understanding of the symbol as something that can be cleaned and released from the meaning that some historical events had filled in with.

The idea with this site-specific, Berlin based installation, is to visually and poetically deconstruct what has been constructed around a symbol that was always present in the architecture of a building that is famous in Berlin for surviving the German wars.


Furthermore, this project views the symbol as something that is possible to fill with many different meanings. This opens a door for people to interact with it in a first process of de-construction (where the symbol is braked or emptied) and a second process of re-construction (where the symbol is re-builded in a different way and with many possible and different meanings).


The installation consists of:


-Nine projectors, 360 (panorama) video system that creates a machine made of gears from old cinema archives.


-One light-video projection on the ceiling that creates a negative space symbol in the center of the room.


-One interactive system that allows people to activate the deconstruction machine and change the symbol-light arrangement through mechanical and electronic forces.

Academie Lounge. Berlin-Germany / 2016


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