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Esta es mi vereda

Transcoding, evolution, cycle, death, mutation, reproduction and stasis are not only processes inherent to biological beings; They also inhabit the life of the images allowing us to understand them as natural living beings. 

Identifying and adapting those natural processes, for the creation of methods of assembly, editing and reproduction, where the main processes for creating this project.

The images I worked with belong to a past time, they are inherited from my lineage, are part of my history and myself, my own biology and the Colombian social context to which they never ceased to refer.

This project contains images that come from the films that Gonzalo Canal Ramírez, my grandfather, made in the 1950s in Colombia.

I re-read the historical image and reconfigure its meanings in a process of reconstruction of memory.





Plataforma Bogotá. Bogotá-Colombia / 2013

Centro Internacional. Medellín-Colombia / 2014

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