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Expanded cine-mind

This project is developed using the mushroom mycelium as a livingexample of the rhizome figure created by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. By comparing those 2 systems, and exploring their inherent characteristics and architecture, is then possible to find their struc-ture occurring in other dimensions of the existent, like the brain, the internet, the black matter in the outer space, the protozoa kingdom and artificial neuronal networks. By doing that, it is possible to define the mycelium and the rhizome as an archetypal shape of system, and therefore, understand it as a naturally created structure that permits flows of energy in special ways, at the same time that occurs in nature and technology blurring the line marked between them. Finally, and with the boundaries between us and our technology dissolved, this project explores new media arts as an extension of our bodies, that when used wisely, have the potential to merge elements from all kingdoms and spheres towards the understanding of them as whole and complete super system of relations.

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